HURTADO FURNITURE, excellence of tradition.

HURTADO was founded in Valencia, Spain, in 1940, and is managed by the family’s third generation. HURTADO is an internationally reputed company, and our products can be found in over 50 countries. HURTADO combines 83 years of tradition with the constant innovation in products and processes. HURTADO (Headquarters and Factory) uses the most advanced technology production systems and quality control.


HURTADO FURNITURE, excellence of quality.

HURTADO is among the top leaders in quality worldwide, which is reflected in their production process and customer service. HURTADO combines the latest technology with traditional hand craftsmanship to ensure a unique style, and guaranteed product quality.

We are a dynamic company that has combined art and craft innovation advanced technologies and systems management traditions to certify that our company maintains and improves the highest-level quality products and customer service.


Each piece of furniture is produced according to traditional hand-crafting techniques and uses the most advanced technology in systems of production and quality control. With roots from the past and a passion for detail, artisans craft true paintings from the world’s finest wood that involves covering an entire surface with veneers or inlays in a close-fitting, artistic pattern to create HURTADO’S MARQUETRY.

A design philosophy, a freedom of expression. All of our collections are inspired by different cultures and time periods, with trendy veneers like walnut, root ashwood, maple, rosewood, root oak, mahogany, etc., as well as various finish colors.


What the eye sees influences a person, body and soul.

Art is seen as a way to express oneself; to fill our lives with joy, with color, with beauty, even with harmony. Within this, we have been studying the ever-changing styles and eras of these perceptions of art to find the beauty and values that feeds our passion to bring our timeless furnishings to light. The HURTADO brand was founded in 1940 and has greatly developed to be more and more dynamic and expansive. Our furniture is a strong, world-renowned brand inspired by different cultures and time periods, which in turn creates our ideas of using various forms, effects, and dimensions for our products. This allows people to customize their environment, thus creating a place where trends stand tall and the love of timeless beauty reigns.

A masterpiece at first sight.

Every piece of HURTADO furniture is an exquisite work of handcrafted art. Because of this, HURTADO’s customers can be proud of the loving workmanship put into each design. These masterpieces are newly interpreted and varied with creativity that keeps true to style, paying close attention to the finest detail. For HURTADO, classics not just an object, but a living work of art. All of the piece’s special features come to life in Valencia, Spain. In its facilities, each piece of furniture is produced according to strict traditional models and crafting techniques, along with the most advanced technology. Since Valencia is by the Mediterranean Sea in the east of Spain, good connections to main water routes ease the logistical challenges that arise as a result of HURTADO’s high export rate.



HURTADO captivates. It sets a wonderful example of perfection and shows what the inner value of the art of handicraft truly is. This is reflected through our various awards received, as well as our care for the environment and our sense of technological knowledge.

Beautiful, exceptional design, unsurpassed quality.

The visible construction elements of HURTADO Evolution are veneered with variegated European and American veneers (such as walnut, maple, oak, and rosewood). Veneer strips are assembled in the variegated pattern in the veneer formation because it emphasizes the handcrafted production method and shows a solid character. Self-closing drawers are used with metal drawer guides to ensure a quiet and easy motion for closing. Adjustable legs are also provided to set the gap for doors and drawers.

To add additional ambiance to the furniture, optional LED interior lighting systems regulate the use of interior lighting. All transformers have thermal protection to turn the lights off automatically in the event of overheating. The back walls of the furniture are pre-drilled in order to make the installation of lights easier.


For well over 83 years, 100% of HURTADO production is manufactured in Valencia, Spain.

By controlling production of our products in our own facilities, we have complete control of all processes, thus offering the highest levels of quality control.

HURTADO presents unique designs, inspired by different cultures and time periods.

From traditional to the most contemporary collections, HURTADO is able to collaborate and achieve your design vision.

HURTADO furniture pieces are manufactured according to the finest artisan craftsmanship.

Intricate fine detailing in HURTADO traditional/classical collections are evident in the quality of marquetry and inlays.

The Evolution collections acquire personality and distinction due to the large variety of woods and finishes that are offered.

HURTADO is flexible. We can offer custom sized furniture while maintaining the same quality and integrity.

HURTADO is known worldwide for attention to detail. Historically this began with fine wood carving which gives a unique view of what is needed to meet the Hurtado expectation of excellence in design & manufacturing.

Hurtado Factory is in Valencia, Spain, very well connected worldwide. HURTADO also has an showroom in High Point NC, USA.